Odd indeed…

that Scotland and its many grand names - Caledonia, Pictland, Scotia, and Alba - looms SO hugely in world history and  mythology, imagination and inspiration. Yet in these fast-food travel days, visitors to Scotland spin 'round and 'round  the same tired tourist circuits, worn into the Scottish landscape like grooves in an old Victrola record.  
TOURISTS follow the scratchy needle to the same old tunes -the  Edinburgh Festival Stomp and Over the Sea to Skye.  This gives  even more air play to the well known Scottish "tourist  products"  that steal Scotland's travel media headlines. But Scotland's geographical diversity and centuries of remarkable oddities - can't be squeezed into a package tour.

Old Scottish tomes

Who Said what about Scotland?


Welcome to Odd Scotland

Odd Scotland is a hidden world beyond Scotland's golf and whisky trails and shortbread tin scenery. Forget that same old tourist kilt waggle from St. Andrews…to Edinburgh Castle…to Loch Ness…to the Isle of Skye. Flee Caledonia’s beaten-up tartanized tourist trail for a rollicking tour of odd Scottish places, events, history and characters. 

JOIN  Gordon Mooney - native Scot, Scottish bellows piper and musicologist - and travel journalist Nancy Lyon - "the Outlander" - on a tour of Caledonia's quirkiest from the renegade Scottish Borders, the Gaelic Western Isles, to Viking Caithness, Orkney and the Shetland Isles.

CELEBRATE the eccentric heart and inventive mind of a small nation whose craze for plaids and pipes covers the world. Explore Odd Scotland past and present in photos and travel stories, interviews, travelogues and short fiction. We hope that our portal to Odd Scotland will inspire you to plan your own unique itinerary, lodgings and locomotion. AYE! —-— Yer Odd Scotland hosts - Gordon Mooney and Nancy Lyon