Odd an’ Eerie

People love the gory, haunted and eerie stuff about Scotland. The castles with dastardly histories, the body-snatching days in Auld Reekie - Edinburgh - tales of headless pipers and the shameless witch-prickers and witch-burning trials. It’s all here, still embedded in the landscapes, in Odd Scotland.  A Scottish castle without a ghost is like a Scottish castle without a moat. But hauntings are not all that's Odd and Eerie in Odd Scotland. A woodland of Hawthorne trees hung with rotting rags and tattered bits of clothing and human hair - some from people now dead - would freak you out if you don't know about Clootie wells. And besides your garden-variety Witchcraft, there’s Scottish mummification. Here are some of Scotland’s oddest and eeriest places, things, activities and events - past and present. Of the future, we know not. But perhaps the UFO's cruising the skies over Bonnybridge and the Falkirk Triangle might have a thing or two to say about that!