Scottish Islands Who Said What?

Scotland has over 790 offshore islands,  evoking the drama of strong tides and whirlpools, quietness, isolation and intrigue, and awesome beaches and natural landscapes. They have been shaped by waves of Celtic, Norse and English  influences. Who said what about them?

The Scottish islands are as culturally remote from Edinburgh and Glasgow as are the Greek islands from Athens. Steeped in history, legend, and lore, they are extraordinarily varied with their own unique character. Some are considerable in area with sizable and modestly prosperous populations, some mere rocks noted only by geographers. Many of the most romantic are in neither of these categories. The flora on some islands are entrancing, not least under a shining rainbow, while other islands are harsh and bleak. — Scotland: An Intimate Portrait, by Geddes MacGregor, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1980